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Welcome to In-Quest Medical Research, where your health meets innovation, and your participation is valued. We encourage you to learn more about the fascinating field of funded medical trials since we recognize how important it is to promote medical progress. As a dedicated multi-specialty research site, we specialize in conducting phase II-IV clinical trials, offering you a unique opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking research while reaping the benefits.

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Our Health Mission


At In-Quest Medical Research, our experienced medical professionals are on a mission to provide personalized, high-quality healthcare to all our research volunteers. Your comfort, safety, and privacy are our only concern and you will feel this the minute you are a qualified volunteer.

Experience & Professionalism

Our team of physicians, each certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, brings a wealth of experience to our practice. With a combined 35 years of experience in the medical field, we promise a degree of professionalism that is unmatched.

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Why Choose Medical Trials?

Advancing Science, Enhancing Lives


Participating in medical trials goes beyond being a research subject; it’s a chance to contribute to the evolution of medical science actively. Your participation is essential to the development of novel therapies, drugs, and medical procedures that may improve people’s lives all around the world

Financial Rewards for Your Contribution


We think it’s important to appreciate your time and dedication. We recognize the significance of your contribution to the advancement of healthcare and provide attractive remuneration for your time and effort.

Explore Exciting Opportunities Near You


Paid Research Studies Near Me


Wondering, “Are there paid research studies near me?” We at In-Quest Medical Research deliver these chances right to Cummings, Georgia.  We recognize how important convenience is to your participation, which is why our trials are made to be easily accessible.

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All we need is you!

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We’re exploring a way to help you break free from hunger and obesity to embrace a new beginning.

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Welcome to In-Quest Medical Research

In-Quest Medical Research is a dedicated multi-specialty research site, proficient in conducting phase II-IV clinical trials. Founded by healthcare professionals, In-Quest Medical Research has been providing the best possible medical care to our study volunteers since 2009.

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Our Health Mission

Our experienced medical professionals provide personalized, high-quality healthcare to all of our research volunteers every day.

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Experience & Professionalism

Each of our physicians is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and comes to our practice with years of experience in their area of specialty.

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Physicians Who Care

With over 35 years of combined experience in the medical industry, our team, In-Quest Medical Research gives its absolute best to every study performed here.

Physicians Who Care


 In-Quest Medical Research is more than just a research site; it’s a community of caring professionals. In addition to being authorities in their specialties, our doctors are kind people who sincerely worry about each research participant’s welfare. We put your health first and will stop at nothing to make sure you get the best treatment available.

The In-Quest Difference: Beyond the Trial

Comprehensive and Compassionate Care


Your health and welfare are our priorities at In-Quest. Throughout your journey, our skilled and trained doctors will give you individualized, superior treatment, making sure you always feel supported.

Cutting-Edge Facilities


Embark on your medical trial journey in facilities equipped with the latest technology and research tools. We are dedicated to delivering the best possible experience, which includes setting up a sophisticated and pleasant space for you to participate in.

Visit or Call to Schedule an Appointment

Please contact us directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have.

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Joining the In-Quest Community: A Simple Process

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Advances and breakthroughs in healthcare today often come from clinical trials.

Frequently Asked Questions

With In-Quest, navigating the field of sponsored research projects in your area is easy. Visit our Current Trials page to see if any of our current trials fit your condition. Finding out what possibilities are nearby has never been easier.

Yes, there is a generous compensation for time and travel available to participants in our studies. We recognize and value the dedication needed from our volunteers, and in return, we provide attractive benefits packages. Compensation information is disclosed at the time of trial enrollment.

Yes, our trials are strategically located to ensure accessibility. For particular areas, see the trial information.

Explore the various studies on our Sign-Up page to get started on the process right now.

Absolutely. We prioritize participant well-being by adhering to strict safety standards and ethical criteria in our research.

Every trial has a different duration depending on its goals and type. While some trials can last only a few weeks, others might last for several months. The trial information on our Current Trials page includes specifics on how long a study is expected to last.

Shape the Future, Reap the Rewards In-Quest Medical Research has been bringing tomorrow’s medicines to Cummings, Georgia today. Seize the chance to participate in worthwhile paid medical research Studies. Come along with us as we redefine healthcare, one trial at a time: your health, your contribution, your future.


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